From Australia, to Asia and the world

Trade innovation is in our DNA

In 2011, we saw an opportunity to apply our expertise in finance, trade and logistics to the commodity sector. Application of our theories to the global coal market resulted in Enegra consolidating output from various Asian producers and becoming one of the largest owners of offtake in the world.

We have grown quickly from humble beginnings to a $48B asset base, developing IP for every stage of the commodity life-cycle.


$27.5M invested on R&D to reduce risk for all participants, with revolutionary outcomes

  • Every step from physical to derivative and settlement
  • Authentication, certification, dematerialising assets
  • New models for derivative and margin pricing
  • Application of AI/ML, blockchain and other technologies
  • Integrated technology stack and solutions

Not business as usual - we are creating solutions for the future of global trade

After 7 years of R&D, building up our asset base, and testing our solutions in the market, Enegra is ready to embark on the next exciting chapter in our history.

We are preparing to monetise our asset base, and capitalise on our research - changing the way commodities, other assets, and financial instruments are financed and traded.


Our people, the key to our success

Executive Management

Our executive management team has the full set of skills and experience necessary to develop world-class FinTech solutions, and manage a growing global business.

Theo Pertsinidis

Theo Pertsinidis

Chief Executive Officer

B.Ec, M.Acc, L.L.B

Diverse background in logistics and finance, across manufacturing, IT, Mining, banking and insurance.

Prior to founding Enegra, worked in a range of roles in the financial sector including Financial Analyst and Investment Banker, with US Fortune 500 Companies (BRW Top 10 Ranking in Investment Banking in 2008). Sold his last startup Proton Logistics Group in 2000 to a consortium for USD$120M.

Matthew Averay

Matthew Averay

Chief Financial Officer

B.Com (Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law).

Corporate finance executive with extensive experience in banking, trade finance, commodity trading and logistics. Track record with executive boards formulating strategies and executing on time and within budget.

Prior to Enegra worked in Westpac Institutional Banking, managing a portfiolio in excess of $500M, broking acquisitions and leveraged buyouts.

Dr. Zahra Nazemi

Dr. Zahra Nazemi

Head of Risk & Research

Doctorate in Mathematics, Statistics and Bioinformatics.

Prior to Enegra was primarily involved in research, with published work in Mathematical Distributions and Medical Sciences.

Focus on application of new technologies and theories including AI/ML.

Advisory Board

Our group of advisors is second to none, and gives our executive team the confidence to work in uncharted waters, knowing they have such deep experience to call on.

Troy Shortell

Troy Shortell


Asia supply chain expert with 25 years experience, from logistics start-ups in China to executive roles with DHL and CEVA. Currently CBRE’s Head of Supply Chain Advisory Asia, and Managing Director Asia for Veracity Worldwide, a geopolitical risk and intelligence consultancy.

Recognized expert in the fast-growing and highly competitive Asia logistics market, and is frequently retained by private equity and real estate firms to advise on their logistics interests. Successful in developing investment, real estate, and commercial strategies across Asia.

Mark Darras

Mark Darras


Wide range of experience in corporate law, organisational structure, international transactions, corporate governance and directors' duties. Currently Senior Advisor at Ashurst LLP, focusing on regulatory compliance and approvals, market conduct, financial reporting obligations, and is the Chairman of the NSW Govt’s Advisory Board for Strategic Release

Previously served as Chair or Deputy Chair for Australia Post, the Telecoms Universal Services Management Agency, Forestry Corp, John Holland Engineering, and as a Member of the Australian Takeovers Panel.

Eli Weir

Eli Weir


Technology and startup expert, with over 25 years hands-on operational and leadership experience in various industries and locations, specialising in the application of disruptive technologies and paradigms to transform organisations and industries - from Aviation in New Zealand to Telecom Services in Africa.

Currently CEO of Blockchain Labs Asia and focused on FinTech, with ventures changing how people work and live, leveraging new technology to get things done – faster, cheaper, easier, better, and in a more people-oriented way.

Enegra to tokenise shares!

In preparation for the next stage of our development, we are pleased to announce our intent to issue Security Tokens backed by 100% of our shares. This will provide liquidity to existing shareholders and allow accredited investors to more easily invest with us.

More information to be posted soon ...

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